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Wedding Day FAQs

Should I wash my hair or leave it dirty?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

We prefer to have everyone come with clean, dry hair with NO previous heat styling. If you prefer to wash it the night before and let it air dry, that’s great too. DRY HAIR IS KEY!!! There will be an additional $25 fee to dry your hair. 

Should I use any hair products in my hair for preparation?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

We bring all the products we will need to fully take care of you and your bridal party. If you use a special cream, mousse, smoothing product, etc. (especially four our curly-haired beauties!), putting that in while wet and letting air dry is a-ok.

Should I use my own foundation?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

No. We also ask that everyone getting their makeup professionally done with us come with a clean and moisturized face. If you’d like to apply your own moisturizer, that’s great. Leave the rest to us!

Do I need to bring any of my own makeup or brushes?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

Unless you have a rare, special allergy or skin condition, no. Everything we use in professional grade and all tools are properly sanitized between each person. “Reactions” to any products we use are extremely rare.

Do I need to provide hairspray or bobby pins for hair?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

Nope! We bring all the tools and items that are needed and you will be set ALL day!

Should I tan my face? Should I spray tan?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

It is a personal preference with tanning in general. (Although, we highly suggest that skin cancer is NOT cute!) If you do decide to go traditional tanning, please cover your beautiful face!! For spray tanning, we have found that a customized airbrush spray is much more natural than a machine spray. At least three days prior to you wedding is the best time. So if you’re getting married on a Saturday, get your spray tan on Wednesday. (Disclaimer: If you do decide to get a spray tan, please try your spray artist out a few months in advance so you know exactly what to do the week of your big day and don’t arrive at a Jennifer Lopez/Wedding Planner situation. Orange isn’t a cute color next to your gown.)

Do I need to provide mirrors or chairs?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

We bring hand held mirrors but no chairs. Whatever is in the room in which you wish to get ready will be fine. We can work with any height, type, etc. If you would like to bring in bigger mirrors, that’s totally up to you. We are used to working without large mirrors as we are typically in hotel environments.

What if I want to add more services that what I originally booked?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

Any additional services added to your package need to be discussed prior to your wedding to ensure maximum efficiency for the time allowed for your day. We never want to run anyone late on such an important day!!

Does everyone have to be there right at the start time?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

YES!!!! We allow 30 minutes per service but sometimes it doesn’t always take that long. We want to make sure we have everybody done and loving their look by the prior set done time.

Should I make a timeline for each of my girls’ hair and makeup?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

PLEASE NO. While Excel spreadsheets are very impressive and complimentary to your organizational skills, timelines such as these NEVER (and we mean NEVER) get followed. In all reality, they end up being more of a hindrance than anything. Some girls will think they don’t have to show up until later, think they can leave to go run an errand, go back up to their room, go help out with set up, assist another vendor bringing in items, etc. Because we may not need the fully allotted time with the girl “in line” before, a spreadsheet can potentially run your entire bridal timeline behind. (Weird, but SO true!) Not only would we have no one ready to hop in an empty chair, but it doesn’t allow for a fun, relaxed atmosphere. After all, the whole point of having your artists come to you guys is so that it’s a fun, relaxed time where you all get to enjoy it together before the day starts to FLY… and it will!

Should I provide my own lip color?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

We do highly recommitted that brides go purchase the color they decide is their “wedding day color”. We absolutely do use long wearing lip colors but with the full day of eating, drinking and (of course) kissing, we want you to have your dreamy shade in the event that you may need a touch up later in the evening.

Do you send someone back for touch-ups?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

No. With the professional, amazing quality of products we use, touch ups are simply not needed (other than potentially your lip color). Everything we use is made to last for many, may hours and will look beautiful from morning until your late night of celebrating and dancing is complete. However, if having an artist come back for a touch up is something you absolutely think you can’t live without, we can discuss options of sending someone back for an additional fee.

Is the person I had my trial with the same person that will be doing my hair and/or makeup for my wedding day?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

YES! Barring an Act of God, we like to adopt the US Post Office motto (just maybe not their efficiency or countenance lol) “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays our artists from the swift completion of your wedding day beauty!” (paraphrased and adapted for our use obviously.)

May my Mom, future Mother-in-law, sister, bridesmaid, etc. schedule a preview also?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

Yes. They are absolutely more than welcome to schedule a preview appointment if they feel it is absolutely necessary. Those appointments are also scheduled exclusively on Mondays at our studio. It is still the regular fee and we are happy to accommodate anyone that would feel it appropriate.

What if my numbers change?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

Your signed contract allows you 7 days from the date of signing to increase your numbers. We will ALWAYS do our very best to accommodate any added services, but cannot promise that we will be able to take care of any additions after the designated time frame given in your contract. Should you have girlies decide to not have hair and/or makeup, you are still responsible for the fully contracted dollar amount. We have planned ahead and reserved/sent the appropriate number of artists to serve the numbers on your contract.

Should I get a lash lift/extensions?2021-07-06T20:53:39+00:00

You do you, boo. However, if you plan on having one of our artists apply false lashes please rethink a lift! It can create a kink that makes it nearly impossible to place the lashes appropriately and comfortably.

What is a Preview?2021-07-06T21:03:26+00:00

Some people like to call this your trial run. We like to call this your Preview Appointment. This appointment truly is just that; we want you to preview your ideas and inspirations for hair and makeup to see exactly what you will look like for your Big Day.

When and where do previews take place?2021-07-06T21:03:21+00:00

Preview appointments are scheduled in in 2 hour increments on Mondays beginning at 10am with our last appointment of the day being at 6pm. We want to ensure there is enough time to fully understand and accomplish the vision you have for your wedding day look. Most previews wrap up within about an hour and a half.

We are located in The Crossroads right next to the KC Star building. Our address is:

1625 Oak St Suite 203

Kansas City, MO 64108

When you get here, use the call box to enter 203# and we’ll buzz you in!

What can I expect to pay?2021-07-06T21:02:58+00:00

A traditional bridal hair and make up preview is a total of $200.
Should you just desire to do only make up, your preview appointment is $150.
If you’re just wanting only a hair preview, it is $150.

A multi-event preview includes up to 3 separate hair and/or makeup looks at this specific appointment and is a total of $250 to allow for the extra time needed.

These are stand-alone fees, are non-refundable and do not get applied toward any wedding day balances.

Additional previews are priced as above. 

What should I come prepared with?2021-07-06T21:02:45+00:00

Do your homework! Cut out those beautiful magazine advertisements. Build your Pinterest board. Screen shot your bff’s makeup from her wedding that you were obsessed with. We want to know exactly what your vision is for your White Carpet Look. We will talk through all of them with you to find what will work best for your unique features/things you want to highlight, etc. Once we’ve chatted through all of it, we get right to play time! After all, what’s the point of scheduling time out of your busy day to come if you don’t get to see it in real life?

We do ask you bring any veils, hair pieces, extensions, etc. that you plan to wear on your big day. We also suggest wearing white (or a color similar to your gown) to better visualize how your makeup will look day of, besides, it’s just another excuse to wear white and feel bridal!

Should I come with makeup on/hair done?2021-07-06T21:02:35+00:00

Most of our brides do come from work or other appointments. We do not ever expect you to go home and wash and moisturize your face (or your hair!) before you come to your preview appointment. Just come as your day’s schedule denotes (heat styled hair/freshly washed, clean face or makeup on) and we will take it from there!

How do I secure White Carpet Bride for my day?2021-07-06T21:02:28+00:00

For brides that want to go ahead and make sure they will be a White Carpet Bride on their wedding day, we require a non-refundable $200 retainer fee and a signed contract. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the wedding. For that reason, it is a really good idea to talk with all your ‘maids before coming in to get a good grasp on who will be wanting hair and make up that day so we can give you the best estimate on total cost.

For brides with multiple event weddings there is a $350 to reserve your day(s).

We would love to find out if we would be the perfect fit for you and your bridal party. Asking a wedding professional to partake in the most amazing day of your life is a BIG DEAL. We don’t take it lightly and would never want any of our potential brides to either! So, like we said above, where it all begins is a preview. Once your preview is complete, we will then have the opportunity to go over contracts, locations etc. While you will be coming to us for the preview, on your wedding day we come to you! We at WCB send our team to you, making sure that you are on time and ready for the rest of your dreamy day.

We are elated to hear more about you and your unique vision! If you are interested in moving forward with White Carpet Bride, please take a moment to fill out our survey (located on the Inquire page) so we can be sure to provide you with the best possible wedding day experience!

We are so excited to help make you and your entire bridal party White Carpet Ready!