Our desire is to serve you in the absolute best, most safe way we possibly can all while helping create a beautiful atmosphere for your day. Because of the nature of the times we currently are in, things have sure gotten hairy. We want to assure you that as professional hair and makeup artists, we take sanitation processes VERY seriously. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Using disposables always (ie. mascara wands, lip applicators, etc.)

  • Spraying tools and implements with 70% alcohol.

  • Only using fresh, sanitized brushes

  • Frequently washing and sanitizing our hands

  • Never blowing on products or brushes

There are a few additional things we, as a core part of a united Hair and Makeup Artist front here in Kansas City, have come to a determination that we will be asking for your help on in serving you.

1- If you, any member of your bridal party or persons planning on being in the same vicinity as our team has been in contact with individuals who are sick, running a temperature, has come in secondary contact with someone who is sick or has symptoms of being ill, please do not have them there at ALL. 

2- We are required to be able to provide, if asked, full names, contact phone numbers and email addresses for every person who we will be in contact with during the scheduled time frame. Please shoot that over, if you haven’t already.

3- If we are getting you ready in your home, please designate a separate area for us to get everyone ready in. Example: Kitchen or living room. We understand that we will not be completely separate, but rather are striving for as much distance as asked by authorities. If we are set to be in a hotel, please consider a private room (conference room, etc.) for us to be set up in. 

4- No other, non-scheduled persons for hair or makeup services will be permitted in the room. We would like for there to be a 6 foot rule when at all possible for those in the room.

5- No personal makeup kits/products will be permitted for use. We know you have your go-to’s, but cross-contamination risk is too high. Along those lines, we cannot allow anyone other than licensed and insured members of our team to touch, look at and/or look through/use items in our kits. If there are persons not on the already scheduled roster, we cannot allow them to “borrow hairspray”, “Use our setting spray”, etc. 

6- After inspirations and consultations for looks have happened, please put away your phone. (Let’s be honest. They’re germ factories and let’s just play it safe.)

You can expect our team to come prepared with all the above sanitation processes, as well as wearing masks during the duration of our time there. We will be wiping down the chair after each person as well as hot tool handles and cords, mirror handles, and extra sanitation procedures with all kit items. Please be patient as extra sanitation between each person does take a couple extra minutes and allow for that in your overall timeline. 

Above all, please remember we are so eager to be there with you and are BEYOND elated your day is going to happen as (mostly) planned. We have been looking forward to this as much as you have and cannot wait to help you be White Carpet Ready!