COVID-19 has thrown many curveballs to the 2020 wedding season. Our hearts are heavy that so many beautiful couples, their families, friends and wedding vendors are going through this tough time.

The WCB team values and upholds stringent sanitation control methods. Our goal is (and always has been) to provide beautiful results while maintaining cleanliness to prevent any communicable disease. The current pandemic is no different.

  • Our policies have been enhanced to include our artists wearing appropriate PPE.
    • At this time local mandates require service providers to wear masks.
  • Maintaining social distancing guidelines of 6 feet by having only the contracted client in the getting ready space.
  • Disposable applicators are used whenever possible. Our team has always been required to have clean, disinfected, sanitized tools and brushes when disposables are unavailable.
  • No client makeup will be used during services to ensure sanitation.

We require that any of the bridal party cancel (or reschedule should the situation allow) their services if they are sick or have a fever.


For additional information about our COVID policies and procedures, click here to head over to our “Post COVID-19 Changes” blog post